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Welcome to COV


With more than a thousand pupils, the Conservatoire de l’Ouest Vaudois or COV stretches its aura, from Bussigny to Coppet, over the west coast of the Lake of Geneva, with a wide selection of musical and artistic activities.

Music teaching at COV starts with early childhood and ends up with adult education.

This implies no less than 1800 teaching periods in a week, at 7 different sites located on the coast, where 21 instruments, distributed in 5 groups, are being taught.

The school offers two educational ways: the first one includes the study of music theory in addition to the instrumental acquisitions, the other one is more flexible, without any obligation for theory.

Playing an instrument is now considered as an essential factor of personal fulfilment. Most studies agree with the fact that regular practicing of an instrument takes an important part in the harmonious development of the personality.

From individual to group teaching, from early to adult age, from classical music to jazz and « musique actuelle », our school offers a large range of courses, allowing students to receive a serious musical training and culture, in a pleasant working atmosphere, thanks to the attentive supervision of university highly qualified teachers.

COV offers collective activities as well. Students are thus able to make an early discovery of chamber music, choir and orchestral practice.

The school also launches artistic projects, which greatly motivate the students.

A drama course, from the age of 9, completes the artistic programme.

Our values are based on: high standards, quality and, pleasure above all.

Don't hesitate, join us !


Marie-Hélène Piotet



School start 2018

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