Adults Education Courses


Our offer pays considerable attention to adults. Often dependent on complicated daily schedules, adults hesitate to involve themselves into the study of music. We offer them solutions, both compatible with career and family problems.

The courses that we propose to adults are specially meant to meet their expectations and are given by competent teachers. To be able to relax after daily work by playing music, to benefit from custom made training every two weeks, to participate in specialized activities, to be free of scholarly obligations or to follow the regular course of studies, all this is possible.

At COV, adult students will find both pleasure and an excellent supervision.


Two different modules

  1. module 36 weeks, according to the school calendar
  2. flexible module, with 30 lessons, freely distributed in the academic year

Ensemble music

Jazz adult workshops, baroque ensembles or any other ensembles with variable geometry can be organized, depending on the number of participants (minimum 4 persons) and with a corresponding price.


To contact us for more information : 021 802 43 93 - Contact us


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