The teaching of dramatic art aims at developing self-sufficiency, creativity, the sense of listening, and the relationship to the other. In the course of the formation, the pupil is trained to discover the various aspects of theatre acting. A public performance is planned every year.



The education program is progressive, it adapts to the age and degree of maturity as well as to the pupil’s own experience and development, and intends to create an adequate environment. New pupils are definitely admitted after the first three lessons of the year Passing into another group is decided by the teachers and the Direction of the COV .


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  • Improvisation, performance
  • Self-awareness, relationship to the others, contact and listening
  • Exploration of the emotional world.
  • Taking constraints into account
  • Performing in public

Body, expression

  • Working with the body in space
  •  Impact of the gaze and gesture
  • Study of the rhythm and intent
  • Body expression

Voices, texts

  • Learning to speak in public
  • Reading, spontaneous speaking
  • Work on the text, interpretation and style
  • Work on breathing, diction, elocution
  • Memorization techniques


Ages and groups

Children (9-12 years old) - 75' weekly

Teenagers (12-15 years old) - 90' weekly

Young Adults (15-18 years old) - 100' weekly

Teaching place : Nyon


Secretariats : 021 802 43 93 ou Contact us


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