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Music is a welcome puff of oxygen in today’s world. We play a major role in the formation of little ones as well as young adults.

Music relaxes, structures, strengthens confidence, self-esteem, develops the power of listening. The demands exacted by the practice of an artistic activity lead to surpassing one self and thus bring a great amount of satisfaction in the long run.

Music and artistic activities are not the same products of consumption as leisure activities. They require a regular investment in time.

Ideally situated on La Côte regional area, in between Bussigny and Nyon, the COV offers a wide selection of musical and artistic activities. From two years olds to adults, our institution provides highly qualified supervision, demanding, but ultimately enjoyable.

By its structure and choice of musical activities the COV listens to and perfectly answers every one’s needs and individual desires, thanks to a diverse course offering, flexible study levels, adapted to each student’s possibilities. Courses are given by competent and academically qualified teachers.

Next to learning to play an instrument, the COV proposes theatrical and body expression courses.

Adults are not left out. Their wishes and obligations are taken into consideration in every course, with the flexibility they need.

We are looking forward to welcome you at the COV for the new school year.     

Don't hesitate, join us !


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