The Foundation

The COV, in its current form, goes back to 2001. Its legal status is a private-law foundation, whose objectives are :

  • To promote coherent theoretical and instrumental teaching, individual or collective learning and practicing of classical, jazz and current music, dramatic art, especially taking into account the artistic education of young people ;
  • To contribute in every way to cultural activities and developments in the above fields;
  • To favour continuing education;
  • To establish contacts with other music institutions;
  • To offer students the access to the certificates granted by the Association Vaudoise des Conservatoires & Ecoles de musique (AVCEM), or to the entrance exams into professional classes of the regional Conservatoires.

The Foundation Council

The statutes clearly define the composition of the Foundation Council, with looking for regional balance. The Council is presently composed of sixteen persons, among whom, notably, two members, put forward by the administration of the two headquarters cities (Morges et Nyon), four representatives from the communes of the La Côte district, two members representing the teaching staff and two parents of pupils.

Members of the Foundation Council

Eric Bieler (*)


Jean-Claude Glardon (*)

representing Bussigny

Dominique Blanchard (*)


Ann Roux (*) 

Teaching staff
Sonia Weil (*)

Octavio Brodziak

Teaching staff

Annabelle Faure

Pupils parents

Olivier Feller

Conseiller national,

Fabienne Freymond Cantone Municipale,

representing Nyon

Jessica Jaccoud Députée,

Pupils parents

Vincent Jaques Syndic,

representing Morges

Denys Jaquet Syndic, 

representing Rolle

Evelyne Lenoble

representing Aubonne

Isabelle Monney

representing Gland 

Michelle Schenk


 (*) members of the Council Foundation Office


As of 21st november 2017

Functioning and general Organisation

The supreme authority is the Foundation Council who sits at least twice a year, in March and November. The Council determines the general strategy, votes the budget, adopts the annual accounts, sets the school fees and fixes the salaries of all employees. Five members of the Council form the Bureau, who meets every month and whose job is to support the Direction in their work and to supervise their activity, notably on the financial level.

On the operative level, the Headmaster takes place in the Bureau’s and the Foundation Council’s meetings, in a consultative capacity. With the deans they represent the executive Council, They meet six times a year. This council establishes the academic calendar, with the indication of the dates of the Open House days, of the examinations and end of year ceremony. It also deals with problems concerning housing and takes decisions at the educational level if necessary.

Direction :

  •  Marie-Hélène Piotet

    Deans :

    • Marie-Claire Bettens, Early music
    • Marie-Christine Rusiecki, Early childhood
    • Jean-Marc Pillard, Jazz and pop music
    • Friedemann Sarnau, Classical - Strings and winds
    • Lorris Sevonkhian, Classcal - Piano and musical education (Theory)



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