School fees

School year 2018-2019

School fees are annual. "Children" fees are applicable until the age of 20. They also apply to students and apprentices until 25, upon presentation of a certificate.

The invoice is payable in total or three instalments. Special arrangements can be made. In any case, payments are due on August 31, November 30 and March 30.

Adult students can freely choose  the duration of the lessons. 

Students registered in individual instrument classes are able to participate to ensemble classes with no extra charge.

Early childhood and theory

IM/CROC/1, 2, 3 Music/Rhythmic CHF 660.-
Recorder group class
CHF 660.-
Theory with instrument
CHF 150.-
Theory without instrument
CHF 660.-

Instruments individual classes

30 minutes                      
CHF 1'500.-
40 minutes
CHF 1'860.-
50 minutes
CHF 2'250.-
60 minutes
CHF 2'610.-

Other courses

Jazz workhops CHF 660.-
Choir 45' CHF 180.-
Choir 60' CHF 210.-
Ensemble Divertimento CHF 180.-
Petit Ensemble de Morges CHF 180.-


Children group CHF 930.-
Teenagers group CHF 1'080.-
Young adults CHF 1'200.-


Modul 36 weeks

Flex 30 weeks

30 minutes
CHF 2'100.-
30 minutes
CHF 1'725.-
40 minutes
CHF 2'800.-
40 minutes
CHF 2'280.-
50 minutes
CHF 3'480.-
50 minutes
CHF 2'865.-
60 minutes
CHF 4'200.-
60 minutes
CHF 3'450.-
40 min/15 jours
CHF 1'380.-

50 min/15 jours
CHF 1'740.-

60 min/15 jours
CHF 2'100.-

 Rhythmics  CHF 750.-


  • 10% reduction as of 2nd subscription (children/student) and 20% reduction as of 3rd subscription, except for the Choir, Divertimento Ensemble Divertimento and the Morges Petit Ensemble.
  • Subscription tax of CHF 75.-.
  • Annual reinscription tax of CHF 45.- per family.
  • Subscription is possible during the school year for the beginning of next month within the limit of available places. The school fees will be calculated prorata temporis.
  • An individual help can be given by the home town. The demand has to be done by the student or parent. The town decides the modalities and amounts. 
  • In exceptional cases, a curriculum of excellence may be proposed to high capacity students.

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